Organizational structure

Regular members

The regular members who ensure the financing and management of the EQCMA are:

Regular membersDesignated administratorDesignated substituteFirst observerSecond observer
Quebec Association of Animal and Cereal Nutrition IndustriesJulie Boudreau
Jean-Yves Lavoie
Jean-Yves Lavoie
Pascal Élie
Quebec Poultry Processing CouncilYvan Brodeur
Silke Schantz
Sylvie Richard
Les Couvoiriers du QuébecDenis Caron
Sébastien Morin
Sébastien Morin
Christian Trottier
Poultry Breeders of Quebec (chicken)Michael Boulay
François Massé
Marie-Eve Tremblay
Nathalie Robin
Poultry Breeders of Quebec (turkey)Yvan Ferron
Jennifer Paquet
Marie-Eve Tremblay
Nathalie Robin
Federation of Quebec Egg Producers (eggs)Gislain Houle
Denis Frenette
Denis Frenette
Federation of Quebec Egg Producers (pullets)France Perreault
Denis Frenette
Denis Frenette
Quebec Hatching Egg ProducersDavid Phaneuf
Gyslain Loyer
Marie-Ève Bourdeau
Maryse Jutras

February 2009: Permanent structure registered as a non-profit organization under the Companies Act, Part III

EQCMA Board Directors, Alternates and Observers for 2023-2024

Directors are elected by the members at each annual general meeting. Each regular member designates his representative, a substitute and an observer who can sit on the board of directors.

  • Mr. Paulin Bouchard, President
  • Ms. Julie Boudreau (AQINAC), 1st Vice-President
  • Mr. Yvan Brodeur (CQTV)
  • Mr. Denis Caron (LCQ)
  • Mr. Michael Boulay (EVQ – chicken sector)
  • Mr. Yvan Ferron (EVQ – turkey sector)
  • Mr. Gislain Houle (FPOQ – egg sectors)
  • Ms. France Perreault (FPOQ – pullet sector)
  • Mr. David Phaneuf (POIQ)

EQCMA team

  • Mr. Martin Pelletier, General Director
  • Ms. Leila Aguilera, Project Manager
  • Mr. Ghislain Hébert, Project Manager