Useful information on disinfectants after contamination with targeted diseases in poultry

The EQCMA has produced a guide for those in the poultry industry to use as a tool for resourcing active disinfectants that can be used against the causative agents of certain targeted diseases. They also make it possible to determine whether the products are registered by Health Canada; their classification and their components; verification of general indications for use; and to list resource people.

The disinfectant lists, registered by Health Canada, that could be used against a specific causative agent are not exhaustive. They only include products which, according to various studies carried out by companies, private laboratories or others, have been recognized as effective by a government or scientific institution.

Where possible, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) recommends using Health Canada-registered products that have a DIN, but when Health Canada-approved disinfectants are not available or the use of a product is contraindicated, products containing chemical compounds whose effectiveness has been demonstrated and which are identical can be considered. Furthermore, the inclusion of a product in this document does not necessarily imply its approval by Health Canada or the CFIA.

Although the reader may use this document to assist in locating potential products, it is the reader’s responsibility to ensure that the product label contains directions for its use. It is recommended to contact the supplier regarding the manufacturer’s recommendations in this regard.

More information: https://produits-sante.canada.ca/dpd-bdpp/?lang=fre

Summary of disinfectants registered in Canada and recognized as effective against the avian influenza virus:

Avian influenza disinfectant tables 17 08 2023


Useful information on disinfectants after contamination by targeted diseases in poultry:

Effective disinfectants targeted poultry diseases 08 15, 2023