Poultry diseases

The diseases targeted by EQCMA interventions can be grouped into two categories:

Diseases of economic importance

The important diseases under the management of the EQCMA are:

These diseases are not subject to any government control program. However, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) requires producers to notify slaughterhouses involved in export activities where certain restrictions apply. Partners in the Quebec poultry sector wish to control the incidence of these two diseases because they can have a very significant economic impact by causing high mortality rates and significantly affecting the zootechnical performance of affected birds.

Reportable diseases

Notifiable or reportable diseases are listed in the Government of Canada’s Health of Animals Act and its regulations . They are usually of great importance to human or animal health or to the Canadian economy.

In Canada, there are 32 reportable diseases including 4 avian diseases. Animal owners, veterinarians and laboratories are required to report to the CFIA district veterinarian the presence of an animal affected, or suspected of being affected, by one of these diseases as soon as possible. Control or eradication measures will then be taken immediately by the CFIA.


Declaration by a producer of a reportable disease in birds from a poultry production site:

  • The producer or his employee must immediately contact a practicing veterinarian in the event of a sudden increase in the number of dead or sick birds or an unexplained drop in food or water consumption or egg laying;
  • The producer or practicing veterinarian must immediately notify the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the provincial marketing agency or EQCMA through its emergency line when a reportable disease is suspected;
  • The practicing veterinarian and the laboratory are required to report any reportable disease to the CFIA and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec ( MAPAQ ).