Our mission

The purpose of the EQCMA is to work, in concert with government authorities and stakeholders in the poultry industry, on the prevention, preparation and intervention against targeted poultry diseases in order to minimize their potential impacts on the the entire Quebec sector.

Mandate and objectives

  • Minimize the economic and human consequences of notifiable poultry diseases for producers and partners in the poultry industry and those in other sectors linked to agriculture;
  • Ensure the rapid and effective implementation as well as the sustainability of the emergency measures plan for the Quebec poultry industry;
  • Harmonize the operation and actions of the EQCMA with government authorities and other stakeholders in the poultry industry in relation to notifiable diseases;
  • Serve as a unified voice of the industry in relations with government authorities on matters relating to emergency measures in poultry health;
  • Raise awareness among sector stakeholders of the EQCMA Emergency Measures Plan and the biosecurity measures to be put in place to prevent the incursion and spread of notifiable poultry diseases in Quebec.
  • More specifically, develop, maintain and implement:
    • an emergency measures plan regarding notifiable poultry diseases and any emerging diseases leading to a crisis situation;
    • an intervention protocol in reported cases of infectious laryngotracheitis and mycoplasmosis caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum in poultry flocks in Quebec;
    • tools and activities for information, awareness, prevention and intervention against targeted diseases.